GIN Oy delivers a Point of Care diagnostics manufacturing line to Sweden

Global Innovation Network Oy delivers a Point of Care manufacturing and assembly line for Sigolis AB to Uppsala, Sweden. Sigolis is manufacturing a sensor head for a device to detect skin cancer (Maligna Melanoma). The automated manufacturing and assembly line will be delivered during the second half of 2013 for the final assembly of the sensor. The manufacturing line is based on the modular robotic production platform, Delilah, developed by GIN. The role of the minimally invasive disposable sensor head is to detect and transfer signals from the skin to a Point of Care device that will analyse if there’s a reason to believe that there are skin changes which could be Maligna Melanoma.

Sigolis AB develops components in polymer by first producing the parts in original through different methods for sculpting silicon and glass wafers. The company provides B to B development and product manufacturing in e.g. Life Science and Optical applications based on ISO 13485 certified processes. Sigolis has been ranked numerous times among the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden and EMEA by Deloitte.

Global Innovation Network Oy is a Oulu, Finland based high tech company that develops and manufacturers laboratory automation devices and diagnostic test manufacturing solutions.


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