Efficient and Modular Automation Solutions for Diagnostic Device Manufacturing

GIN’s production automation solutions increase productivity by introducing a multi-functional and highly accurate GIN™ Delilah robot platform with the world’s smallest footprint.

This unique solution saves cost by reducing cleanroom space requirement. In terms of technology, the GIN™ Delilah is unrivalled. It has the most user-friendly set-up and is both silent and incredibly energy efficient. Furthermore, the manufacturing system is easy to use through its wireless tablet-based user interface. These features are revolutionary and unique in diagnostic device manufacturing.

Our products for diagnostic device manufacturing are easy to use, flexible, modular and can easily be reconfigured to meet new production needs. In addition, the GIN products are designed to meet the strict industrial standards. Maintenance, production quality control and fast delivery times bring our customers additional benefits.

And by the way, our solution is noiseless.