Mitsubishi Electric Europe and GIN developed new Kolibri CNC in cooperation

Mitsubishi Electric Europe and Global Innovation Network Oy (GIN) have cooperated to develop new enhanced and improved GIN™Kolibri CNC machine. The parties have used Mitsubishi’s servo motors and the latest CNC controller technology in GIN™Kolibri CNC machine to make it even more powerful, precise und user-friendly. The new product is developed especially for fast growing implant manufacturing market that is using hard metals such as titanium and chrome cobalt. The product is well suited for manufacturing of high precision optical components and moulds. Mitsubishi can provide a global support network to all customers using the new GIN™Kolibri CNC.

The new GIN™Kolibri CNC is a high-precision machine that is able to mill a large variety of materials from plastics to titanium and chrome cobalt with a precision of 0,005…read more

GIN Oy delivers a Point of Care diagnostics manufacturing line to Sweden

Global Innovation Network Oy delivers a Point of Care manufacturing and assembly line for Sigolis AB to Uppsala, Sweden. Sigolis is manufacturing a sensor head for a device to detect skin cancer (Maligna Melanoma). The automated manufacturing and assembly line will be delivered during the second half of 2013 for the final assembly of the sensor. The manufacturing line is based on the modular robotic production platform, Delilah, developed by GIN. The role of the minimally invasive disposable sensor head is to detect and transfer signals from the skin to a Point of Care device that will analyse if there’s a reason to believe that there are skin changes which could be Maligna Melanoma.

Sigolis AB develops components in polymer by first producing the parts in original through different methods for sculpting…read more

GIN introduces advanced robotics and dispensing technology at SLAS 2013 in Orlando, FL.

The increasing and growing need for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to speed up drug discovery and production is driving opportunities in the global laboratory automation market. This market will have reached $4.1 billion by 2015, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. As a solution provider to the industry, Global Innovation Network will debut the Delilah EMB dispenser at SLAS 2013. This multi-functional high accuracy and very quiet dispenser has the world’s smallest footprint. The liquid handling robot increases productivity compared to traditional solutions and saves space in clean rooms and on desk tops. It has a maintenance- free operation with no wearing parts in its dispensing module. It offers extremely accurate, high- speed dispensing of up to 40 doses per second from volumes of 50 nanoliters to 140 microliters. The electromagnetic bellows patented technology offers non-contact dispensing via air…read more

GIN™ Delilah EMB is multi-functional high accuracy liquid handling robot with smallest footprint

GIN ™ Delilah EMB liquid handling robot increases the lab productivity by introducing multi-functional high accuracy dispenser with the world’s smallest footprint. The dispenser can be used as a stand alone device or 100% walk-away fully robotic compatible to HTS automation. The dispenser processes a 384 MTP in less than 30 seconds and includes automatic fluid management for prime, rinse, wash, and clean protocols.

The GIN ™ Delilah EMB dispenser offers individual block tip detection, automatic tip replacement and very low dead volumes. With the full robotic suite compatibility the dispenser will transform HTS operations by radically reducing reagent costs and improving efficiency.  GIN robot system is very well suited for clean room conditions, because the driving mechanism is sealed. Additionally the system size, speed and accuracy make it very suitable for desk top environment.…read more