Laboratory Automation

GIN introduces industrial automation quality and performance in its laboratory automation products. Our reliable and maintenance free products provide unique performance and user friendliness in laboratory automation. The GIN™ Delilah robot platform brings completely new level of efficiency, flexibility and quality to laboratory environment. All our solutions are based on the GIN™ Delilah robotic platform that gives our customers minimized cost of ownership, flexibility to adopt new processes and even introduce completely new applications.

We have adopted a modular design in our products and solutions that supports a 'build-as-you-go' approach, handling of different types of laboratory objects such as tubes, microplates (up to a 1536 format), conversions between different format microplates (eg. 96-384-1536) and reservoirs.

The typical applications our customers use GIN solutions are sample, liquid and tube handling, high throughput screening (HTS), drug development, and conversations between microplate formats.

GIN solutions are based on standardized open interfaces that support integration to other 3rd party equipment, eg. incubation stations and chambers, detectors and readers.

A special attention is paid to product design to support minimized daily cleaning which allows our customers to truly focus on the essential laboratory tasks and processes. This results in increased throughput, efficiency and process quality.