MedTech Manufacturing Automation

GIN serves MedTech companies with a small-sized, fully featured, high precision 5-axis GIN™ Kolibri CNC machine. Kolibri can be used from prototype and mould making to full scale production. The typical applications are medical devices, their components and medical and dental implant manufacturing.

GIN™ Kolibri - High Precision CNC Milling Machine

GIN™ Kolibri is a 5-axis high precision compact size CNC milling machine. It can mill practically all materials from titanium to plastics. Small in size GIN™ Kolibri is a full-scale milling machine for versatile CNC needs and efficient high-volume manufacturing.

Supporting Sustainable Development

Low energy consumption and minimum amount of required cutting fluids makes GIN™ Kolibri an environmentally friendly production unit, compared with many other milling machines. GIN™ Kolibri is especially designed for milling small-sized and complex parts. Due to a smaller size, the masses moved are a lot lower than with bigger machines, thus enabling significantly lower operational expenditures.

Compact in Size, Full-Scale in Features

GIN™ Kolibri is a compact-sized CNC-machine that offers all the features a full -cale milling machine does. High speed spindle, automatic tool changer and oil mist lubrication system offer possibilities to wide-ranging milling operations. GIN™ Kolibri control system utilises standard G-code.

GIN™ Kolibri Supports Precision Machining

Accurate machining with good quality outcomes applies to GIN™ Kolibri. The guaranteed precision level within the working envelope is 5 µm.

Application Areas

In the MedTech and dental industries, GIN™ Kolibri suits very well to all applications where high precision manufacturing is needed. Typical examples are dental bridges, crowns, retainers and implants and intra ocular lenses.

GIN™ Kolibri is the InnoFinland Prize 2011 winner.

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