Oil Spill Prevention

CleanOil is an inorganic oil absorption material made of rock fiber, and it offers – in addition to first-class absorbing capacity - great floatability and easy collectability. The operating costs are further lowered by the small storage space requirement, imperviousness to humidity, easy collectability after use, ease of cleaning the tools, and environmentally-friendly utilization of the used material by, for example, burning it in a heat production facility. In addition, the product can be reused several times after the oil has been extracted from it.

The CleanOil absorption material is especially suitable for collecting oil from water and for shore protection. In crushed form, the product is excellent in even demanding shore conditions, as it forms a protective zone between the shore and the approaching oil.
At best, CleanOil can absorb oil at 21.68 kg/m2, and at nearly nine times its own volume

We continuously develop new applications for both consumer and professional use. Our Web pages will display some of our newest products in the near future.