Corporate Information

Global Innovation Network (GIN) is a company that specializes in technologies related to welfare and the environment. The company was founded in 2010, and its actual business operations were launched in September 2011. The company is owned by the acting management and JOT Automation Ltd. (24 %). The company is headquartered in Oulunsalo.

We are actively seeking for new technologies and products to support our business operations. Our aim is to attain strong growth through the sales of our own products, new representations that support our business, and new technology and corporate acquisitions. 

The management has extensive know-how and visibility in the business area where we operate. This conspicuousness has, ever since the beginning, brought about several offers in the form of products – of which the water purification systems and oil spill prevention products of Green Rock Ltd. led to GIN’s first corporate acquisition after three months of operation. The company name of Green Rock Ltd. have been changed to GIN Aqua Ltd.

The focus of GIN’s business operations is on water purification and related monitoring, as well as on strong automation know-how and business line expertise – all of which leads to the development of diagnostic and analytical testing and equipment.

We operate in a market of rapid growth. A natural basis for expansion is offered for the technology and products by the interest towards one’s own welfare and the surrounding environment. Our goal is to bring to market products which enable us to monitor our own health and make an environmental difference.

GIN operates on the strength of entrepreneurs. The company owners also act in the administration and management of the firm. In the future, GIN will increase its share capital via special issues, with the aim of involving new owners who, with their individual active input and networks, can bring added value to the company operations. Our objective in this decade is to become an international, notable, and highly profitable company that focuses on welfare and environmental technologies; one that will be ready to go public in the international stock exchange if so desired.