Products and services

Water purification

Our products are suited to a comprehensive treatment of water. Our product range covers everything needed for the purification of wastewater in sparsely-populated areas, from lakeside saunas to farms and rural communities. Proven to be efficient and easy-to-use, our IISI treatment units have been designed for the needs of cottages and one-family houses of various sizes. The Biostone and Chemstone purification systems have been developed to handle the wastewater treatment in larger facilities. For example, the CleanWater filter can purify water from a lake or a river for the various needs of clean water. The water purification chemicals of CleanWater add to the efficiency and quality of the purification process. They are suitable for most small purification plants.

Our partners and resellers will also provide you with expertise in handling total contracts from start to finish. This expertise in planning and implementing is necessary for lasting results and the correct functioning of the purification plant. Our reseller network consists of businesses that fulfil the necessary competence requirements, and whose personnel we have trained to plan, implement, and maintain our equipment. We have these experts working in nearly every Finnish city and municipality, and you are likely to find your own reseller very near.

CleanOil oil spill prevention products

Our oil spill prevention product has been nominated the market’s most efficient oil absorption product in several independent tests. The power of CleanOil lies in natural and environmentally-friendly rock fiber. Suitable for both professional and home use, these products can absorb many different oil products and chemicals, almost nine times their own volume. The reusable CleanOil products are suitable for many different use cases and purposes, for instance, in water, at a gas station, at a workshop, in the garage, and in the kitchen. Knorring Oy is responsible for the sales of CleanOil products for professional use in Finland and Estonia.


In diagnostics, our products comprise automatic sample handling units (GIN Sampler) which are based on an industrially certified, small-scale production platform (Desktop/JOT Automation Ltd.); liquid dispensers (GIN Dispenser); and combinations of both (GIN Combi) that are tailored for the specific needs of each customer. Our clientele consists of diagnostic laboratories and international companies (OEM partnerships) that sell diagnostic systems.
Another area of diagnostics we focus on is the production and automation of Point of Care (POC) quick tests. In this business area as well, we use the same industrial automation platform. Our clients in this sector include international companies who sell POC tests.
Both our laboratory-level and our production-level products are easy to use, flexible, and easily programmable to meet new requirements. In addition, they are designed to meet the strict quality standards required in industrial production. The technical maintenance, production quality assessment, and fast delivery times we offer bring added value to our customers.