GIN introduces solutions utilizing industrial automation that can be applied to diagnostic laboratory work. Our diagnostic products are based on the assembly automation product platform (Desktop) developed for industry needs by JOT Automation Ltd. Globally, there are hundreds of instances of the Desktop equipment in use. By utilizing the provided use data, our solution can bring the same reliability performance and maintenance-free experience over to laboratory equipment too.

The GIN Sampler™ is an automation robot designed for sample handling and sorting. It can be fitted with modules for moving varying objects and with different read heads for analyzing the samples.

The GIN Dispenser™ is a flexible, liquid-handling dispenser. By programming the Desktop platform with advanced liquid dispensing technology, it can be used for dispensing on microwell plates, for dispensing in microarray-based testing, and so on. Download brochure

The GIN Combi™ is a combination of the two previous modules. This product variety can implement the desired level of diagnostic laboratory automation. GIN Combi products will be tailor-made for the specific needs of each client.

The aforementioned, automation-based products intended for production use multiply the capacity manifold compared with the capacity of commonly-used production lines that employ application-specific customizations. The solutions are based on the small-sized Desktop equipment that enables as much as a tenfold increase in production capacity per square meter of floor in a cleanroom area. Our products are easy to use, flexible, and easily programmable for new production needs. The technical maintenance, production quality assessment, and fast delivery times we offer bring added value to our customers. These products of ours are designed to meet the strict quality standards required in industrial production.

In production automation, the focus of the diagnostics business lies on the development of Point of Care (POC) tests and on strong automation knowhow. The first solutions enable a highly efficient degree of automation, which can be applied to, among others, the production of lateral flow testing.

Our products that are aimed at production use are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.