GIN Management

The GIN team is consisting of professionals each having over 25 years industry experience from automation, diagnostics, financing, printable electronics, microfluidics industry.

Teijo Fabritius

CEO, over 25 years international management positions in automation industry in companies like JOT Automation , Master Automation Group, ABB, Able s.r.l, Aitec, Nokia.

Matti Koivu

VP, Sales and marketing, over 20 years international experience in electronics industry, development and customer relations in companies like Nokia, Printocent etc.

Pentti Halonen

Director, Manufacturing Automation, 30 years experience in international automation business, business unit management and customer relationship management  in companies like JOT Automation, Master Automation Group, Aitec, Nokia.

Markku Känsäkoski

Technology development, over 20 years experience in optical detection, microfluidics, lateral flow, in VTT, MK Fluidics.

Markku Sipilä

Manufacturing, over 30 years experience in manufacturing automation, in companies like JOT Automation, FinKat, Proventia

Sinikka Fabritius

CFO, over 20 years experience in finance and administrative operations